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Giải nghĩa

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  • Phát âm bồi: Xem trên sách bản cứng
  • Pinyin: Xem trên sách bản cứng
  • Phồn thể: Xem trên sách bản cứng
  • Nghĩa tiếng Anh:  Xem trên sách bản cứng
  • Nghĩa tiếng Việt:  Xem trên sách bản cứng

Ví dụ

Ví dụ 1:

  • Giản – 现在世界人口已逾66亿
  • Phồn – 現在世界人口已逾66億
  • Pinyin – Xiànzài shìjiè rénkǒu yǐ yú 66 yì
  • Bồi – Xiên chai sư chia rấn khẩu ỷ dúy liêu sứ liêu y
  • Dịch tiếng Việt – Dân số thế giới hiện đã vượt quá 6,6 tỷ
  • Dịch tiếng Anh – Today the global population is just over 6.6 billion

Ví dụ 2:

  • Giản – 1亿2000万美元啊
  • Phồn – 1億2000萬美元啊
  • Pinyin – 1 Yì 2000 wàn měiyuán a
  • Bồi – Y y lẻng chiên oan mẩy doán a
  • Dịch tiếng Việt – 120 triệu đô la
  • Dịch tiếng Anh – 120 million dollars.

Các chữ Hán đồng âm

  • 乂: to regulate; to govern; to control; to mow;
  • 义: justice; righteousness; meaning; foster (father etc); adopted; artificial (tooth, limb etc); relationship; friendship;
  • 亄: covetous; greedy; stingy;
  • 亦: also;
  • 仡: strong; brave;
  • 佚: lost; missing; forsaken; dissolute; (of a woman) beautiful; fault; offense; hermit; variant of 逸[yi4];
  • 佾: row of dancers at sacrifices;
  • 刈: mow;
  • 劓: cut off the nose;
  • 勚: (literary) toilsome; laborious; (of an edge etc) worn out; blunt;
  • 呓: to talk in one’s sleep;
  • 唈: palpitation; short breathing;
  • 圛: mist rolling upwards;
  • 埶: skill; art;
  • 埸: border;
  • 奕: abundant; graceful;
  • 嫕: compliant; yielding; easy-going;
  • 屹: high and steep;
  • 峄: name of hills in Shandong;
  • 帟: canopy;
  • 廙: yurt; (literary) respectful; prudent;
  • 异: different; other; hetero-; unusual; strange; surprising; to distinguish; to separate; to discriminate;
  • 弈: ancient name for go (Chinese board game);
  • 弋: to shoot;
  • 役: forced labor; corvée; obligatory task; military service; to use as servant; to enserf; servant (old); war; campaign; battle;
  • 忆: to recollect; to remember; memory;
  • 怿: pleased; rejoice;
  • 悒: anxiety; worry;
  • 意: idea; meaning; thought; to think; wish; desire; intention; to expect; to anticipate; Italy; Italian; abbr. for 意大利[Yi4 da4 li4];
  • 懿: restrain; virtuous;
  • 抑: to restrain; to restrict; to keep down; or;
  • 挹: to ladle out; to dip; to pour out;
  • 斁: to be weary of;
  • 易: easy; amiable; to change; to exchange;
  • 曀: obscure; sun hidden by clouds;
  • 杙: post for tethering animals;
  • 枻: oar; stand for correcting a bow;
  • 檍: Quercus glauca;
  • 殪: to exterminate;
  • 殹: (archaic) (meaning unclear); (final particle);
  • 毅: firm and resolute; staunch;
  • 泆: licentious, libertine, dissipate;
  • 浥: damp; moist;
  • 溢: to overflow;
  • 熠: to glow; to flash;
  • 熤: (person);
  • 燚: to blaze; (used in given names);
  • 燡: blazing; radiant;
  • 異: different, strange
  • 疫: epidemic; plague;
  • 瘗: bury; sacrifice;
  • 益: benefit; profit; advantage; beneficial; to increase; to add; all the more;
  • 睪: to spy out;
  • 绎: continuous; to interpret; to unravel; to draw silk (old);
  • 缢: to hang; to strangle oneself;
  • 義: Righteousness
  • 翊: assist; ready to fly; respect;
  • 翌: bright; tomorrow;
  • 翳: feather screen; to screen; to shade; cataract;
  • 翼: wing; area surrounding the bullseye of a target; to assist; one of the 28 constellations of Chinese astronomy; old variant of 翌;
  • 耴: 耴
  • 肄: to learn; to practice or study (old);
  • 臆: feelings; opinion; thoughts;
  • 艗: bow of a Chinese boat;
  • 艺: skill; art;
  • 芸: Japanese variant of 藝|艺[yi4];
  • 蓺: skill; art;
  • 薏: Job’s tear plant (Coix lacryma); erroneously called Chinese pearl barley;
  • 藙: Zanthoxylum ailanthoides;
  • 藝: art
  • 蛡: hive; honeycomb;
  • 裔: descendants; frontier;
  • 裛: to wrap and bind; damp; dripping; wet; a book bag;
  • 襼: sleeve of dress;
  • 訳: Japanese variant of 譯|译[yi4];
  • 议: to comment on; to discuss; to suggest;
  • 译: to translate; to interpret;
  • 诣: to go (to visit a superior); one’s current attainment in learning or art;
  • 谊: friendship; also pr. [yi2];
  • 豙: 豙
  • 豷: breathing of pigs;
  • 轶: to excel; to surpass; to be scattered; variant of 逸[yi4], leisurely;
  • 逸: to escape; leisurely; outstanding;
  • 邑: city; village;
  • 醳: fine wine; to award with (food and drink);
  • 镒: abrasion; gold-20 taels in weight;
  • 镱: ytterbium (chemistry);
  • 饐: rancid;
  • 駅: Japanese variant of 驛|驿[yi4];
  • 驿: post horse; relay station;
  • 鶂: hawk;
  • 鷾: a swallow;
  • 鹝: pheasant; turkey; old variant of 鷁|鹢[yi4];
  • 鹢: a kind of aquatic bird;
  • 黓: black;

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